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UPDATE: University of Dubuque responds to alleged Blackface social media post

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This photo posted to social media shows two University of Dubuque students wearing what some are calling Blackface, make-up used historically by non-black people to look black.

You see the women in dark colored face masks.

Some on campus say it's disrespectful. "You know I felt a little offended when I saw it, but you  know you learn to forgive and forget. It was wrong what  they did and how they went about it," said Marcus McDaniels, sophomore student. 

The photo first shared on the mobile app Snapchat, with the Black History Month filter. That's another reason some say it's racially charged.

Others also sharing the photo on Facebook in disbelief. "I came across other comments. I believe it was a teammate of hers, where she was actually defending her and saying it was an innocent mistake and saying how now she's the victim of cyberbullying because all the students of the university are sharing it which is interesting, because she targeted a whole race,"  said student, Karina Villafuerta.

The university releasing a statement to students disapproving of the post, and saying its a teachable moment.

UD history professor,  Brian Hallstoos explains. "These images of blackface are very hurtful, it's like using the 'N' word. It's kind of an act of hate, and it's evoking this very shameful legacy of American history."

KWWL has reached out to one of the women identified in the post, but have not heard back.


A photo posted to social media of two University of Dubuque students has some thinking it's disrespectful. The photo shows two students in a black face mask, with the Black History Month Snapchat filter. Some people even saying this is blackface and offensive.

University of Dubuque President Jeffrey F. Bullock released a statement Tuesday morning. 

"In the strongest possible terms, the University of Dubuque expresses its disapproval and disdain for the disrespect for persons shown in this social media post. It is an example of spectacularly poor judgment. This post is completely at odds with our University culture in which diversity is not only appreciated, but embraced.”

“We are a faith-based community of teaching and learning. We intend to assist all of those involved in this situation by helping them to understand there are better choices to be made and much better ways to be and lead in this world.”

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