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Hundreds of dollars found in the street

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Imagine finding hundreds of dollars scattered on the street. What would you do?

Well, for one Waterloo man that's a reality.

Every morning, Fred Fraiser drives through the Fletcher and University Avenue intersection on his way to get coffee; normally a busy intersection, but on Monday, the intersection was quiet.

"I was just sitting at the light waiting for it to change and I was looking out into the intersection; I thought, 'That looks like a hundred dollar bill laying out there.' It was," said Fred Fraiser, recounting his unusual morning.

To Fraiser's surprise it wasn't the only bill laying in the street.

He picked up 100 dollar bill after hundred dollar bill.

"I thought this has got to be a gag or something," said Fraiser.

 Now, Fraiser is looking to find the person who lost the money.

 "Almost a mortgage payment. Well, depends on your mortgage, I suppose," said Fraiser.

Fraiser is choosing to do the right thing, but he certainly could have chosen to keep the money.

"Because it would ruin my day, if it was mine. Because I know that who ever lost it, probably is missing it sorely. They might not even know it is gone yet. When they get to where they are going and find out it is missing, I would be heartbroken. I wouldn't want to do that to somebody else," said Fraiser.

 Fraiser also found a bank envelope near the money. The bank doesn't have a branch in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area.

 Fraiser says when he called the bank, they haven't heard from a customer missing money.

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