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GOP Representatives discuss law changes

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People packed a room during a republican forum in Waterloo Saturday afternoon.

People laughed at State Representative Walt Rogers' response after a UNI professor asked why the GOP took away collective bargaining rights.

"The misconception was that we are taking away the collective bargaining rights and when I talk to people the two things they care most about in their jobs are their wages and insurance and they can still bargain for wages and they still have insurance, those are the two biggest things," said Representative Rogers.

"Collective bargaining has been gutted, there's no other way to talk about it and that's truly a shame," said Cherie Dargan, Cedar Falls.

Collective bargaining was one of many bills brought up in a the GOP question and answer forum.

Many people were sitting patient, raising their hands to speak to one of four representatives.

Elizabeth Sutton of Cedar Falls is aggravated by the "Election Integrity Act," a bill requiring photo ID's at the polls.

"They continually dodged the question about data, they don't have data about whether there has been actual voter fraud in Iowa," said Sutton. "Representative Rogers suggested it would cost a million dollars or more."

Others disagreeing with her saying, "people have ID's get over it."

Many people concerned with Medicaid, education and veteran's benefits.

Those people asked for representatives to delve deeper into many bills, but some say they were not getting the answers they wanted.

"It was fairly obvious from many of the answers from the folks up here...they often said they had not thoroughly read those bills and I found that to be problematic," said Sutton. "Many of the people here read those bills and had very specific questions pointed to how those bills would affect their local communities."

All of the representatives offered to answer questions that went unanswered after they had more information on the bill.

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