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Senator Grassley holds tense Parkersburg town hall

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It's been an emotional week across Iowa for concerned voters as the came face-to-face with Senator Charles Grassley during his town hall meetings.

Voters mostly expressed their frustration with the senior senator and President Trump.

The meeting started off tense as people demanded answers.

Like the last three town hall meetings, Senator Grassley asked people what they wanted addressed and wrote down their questions, but not everybody expressed frustration.

"I love the way you never miss a vote. I tell my children, 'be like Senator Grassley. If you have a job to do. Do it,'" one man said.

However, most people at the meeting disagreed.

"We here are not professional protesters. We are the American people," another man said.

"Senator Grassley, will you call (President) Trump out on his blatant lies, or continue to allow (President) Trump to lie to the American people," one man asked.

The senator moved on from that question, and we had a moment after the town hall meeting to ask the senator how he hopes to hold the president accountable.

He responded by saying, "I think the problem with people out here, they think when they don't read something in the Waterloo Courier or see it on KWWL that Grassley doesn't have any views on it. I'd be on television a lot more, if you put on everything that I say."

Senator Grassley said the most he's taken away from these meetings so far include concern for what's going to happen when Affordable Health Care is repealed, immigration, and the general dislike of what President Trump has done so far.

During the town hall meeting, Senator Grassley said the best thing he can do about President Trump is to set a good example.

He said he can't control other public officials.

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