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Similarities between Indiana murders & Lyric and Elizabeth

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The recent murder of two young Indiana girls has some here in Iowa wondering if there's a connection between a local murder involving cousins Lyric and Elizabeth.

In audio recovered from one of the Indiana girl's cellphones, you can hear a man saying quote "down the hill."

Their bodies were found in a wooded area after they disappeared last week while out hiking.

It's eerily similar to the case involving the Evansdale cousins, Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins, who went missing in July of 2012.

Their bodies were found months later by a couple of hunters at Seven Bridges Park in Bremer County.

Years later, no arrests have been made.

Both sets of young girls on trails by themselves, kidnapped, murdered, and left in the woods on the 13th day of the month. 

An Indiana community reeling with the news; another states away and years later still healing.

"My heart just breaks for the families. I don't know what they are going through. I know what I went through and our family went through. It is just very hard, It doesn't get easier," said Drew Collins, Elizabeth's father.

 Drew and other committee members meeting about Angels Park; Lyric and Elizabeth never far from their thoughts.

 Drew says after seeing the Indiana news, right away, he called the investigator on his daughter's case.

 "I wanted to make sure they were looking at it and they were already ten steps ahead of me, looking at it. They contacted Indiana State Police," said Drew.

 There are similarities in the cases, but no concrete connection, yet.

 "I always have hope for that. But the chances are, it probably isn't the same person, even though there are similarities. It has been a roller coaster ride, so I don't get too excited," said Drew.

  "So many cases that go unsolved because people won't come forward. They could make such a difference, if they did, but they are scared or for whatever reason," said Drew.

 Drew says he is optimistic the Indiana case will be solved with the cellphone audio and picture, as well as other evidence that has already been collected.

 Drew also says whether these two cases are related or not, he will not give up on Lyric and Elizabeth.

 And as previously mentioned, the committee is continuing work on Angels Park, raising money for a bridge to the island.

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