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Iowans between 7-23 need to exchange birth certificates

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Thousands of Iowans between the ages of 7 and 23 will need to exchange their birth certificates for a more detailed version. 

The smaller, wallet-sized certificates don't have enough vital information, such as the names of the birth parents. 

These certificates were issued between May 1993 and October 2009. The Iowa Department of Public Health says 630,000 people were born during this time. 

College students in eastern Iowa are among many who are affected by this change. Several students tell KWWL they had no idea they had to change their birth certificates.

"I don't know, I feel confused as to why they are doing this, maybe I need a little more information," said Grace Scharf, Waterloo.

The Department of Health says the pink and blue wallet-sized birth certificate doesn't include parent information.

"I guess the birth certificates will be kept in a manila envelope instead of a wallet," said Thomas Sparks. "It's going to be a little bit of hassle, it will just be a transition," said Sparks.

This is an optional transition, but possibly necessary.

To swap out your certificate, the old version needs to be mailed to the Bureau of Health Statistics in Des Moines. There's no charges if you send the small version.

The Department of Public Health says the change could also help prevent people from becoming victims of identity theft.

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