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Tipton police say the charges in dog's death are all they can do

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Mixed feelings have erupted following the arrest of a dog's owner following it's death. A dog, named by rescuers "Hope", was found abandoned and near death.

Hope was taken to a vet to try and be saved but passed away the next morning.

Tipton police made the arrest of Troy Worby, the owner, Tuesday. Troy and his wife, Reille, both face animal neglect, causing death charges which are a serious misdemeanor punishable by up to a year of imprisonment. He also faces a charge of abandoning the animal, a simple misdemeanor.

While there's a sense of relief for an arrest being made, some are not happy about the charges.

"They don't understand how someone could do this. There's been talk about vigilante justice and a lot of people are mad, they're sick, they can't believe it happened in our own backyard," Jill Syring, President of Friends of the Animals Shelter in Tipton, said.

Police sympathizing with those.

"It's very sad. Nobody wants to see a dog suffer and it appears like it looks like she suffered and I was glad she was able to get to the vets office and her last few hours were with people who cared about her and tried to help her," Lisa Kepford, Tipton Chief of Police, said.

But say they've done all they can do.

"We charged everything that we could charge with under our current laws," Kepford said.

KWWL attempted to contact the Worby's for their side of the story, but did not find anyone home at any of the address locations found online.

"I wish more than anything he would have turned her over at least a month before this, maybe we could have saved her. I don't understand how someone could let a dog starve like this. I'd like to know why he did it," Syring, who was a part of the efforts to save Hope, said.

Syring said she the state needs to up the animal cruelty laws but until then she, along with others, will be attending the court proceedings.

"To try and pressure the judges and people in the courthouse to charge with the maximum if they see all of the outrage and hopefully it will matter," she said.

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