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Searching for justice: From victim to lead investigator

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From victim to lead investigator, a Waterloo woman is taking matters into her own hands to find who stole her debit card.

23-year-old Najda Pajazetovic says she checks her bank statement each and every day.

"I work two jobs so I am always wondering how much is in my account or how much I can spend," she says.

She's glad she checked it this weekend, noticing two pending charges she did not make at Broadway Liquor and Jim's Foods in Waterloo. Her debit card was missing from her purse. 

She says, "It was one of those moments where it's like wait...that's not me and that's not okay. Who is out there pretending to be me?"

Knowing an official fraud investigation can take weeks, she wanted to find out for herself. She went to Broadway Liquor and spoke with an employee, filling her in. Receipts showed two people just used her card and the employee told her there was surveillance video. 

"I felt violated. The video showed a man and a woman using my card," she says. 

Najda got two pictures and shared them all over social media. The suspects are accused of spending about $20 bucks in her name, but Najda believes they would have spent more if she did not catch it. 

She says, "I want these people caught. Even though they didn't spend a lot of money, it's still my money. It belongs to me not them."

Her card has since been canceled. 

If you have any information, please call Waterloo Police.

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