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Bull Riding Classic back in Waterloo

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One of the most dangerous sports in the world comes to eastern Iowa Friday night.

Bull riders will risk their lives to win some cash at the Cattle Congress in Waterloo this weekend.

Former bull rider and announcer Randy Taylor is excited for the show.

"When we open this gate and these bulls run in the bucking shoots, they know it's game on and their disposition seems to change," said Taylor.

The bulls run through a maze of fences to be put in a shoot gate where a bull rider will hop on the beast.

"So you want a bull that jumps high and kicks hard, but you've got to ride him," said Taylor.

Riders want to be on the back of their bull for eight seconds after the shoot gate opens.

"It brings some young rookies, some high school and college talent and some seasoned major league professional bull riders," said Taylor. "So you get a nice mix and the bulls don't care whether they are a rookie or a seasoned pro, they are gonna do their best and the cowboys must do the same."

These bull riders are competing for cash and what stands in the way of that is the bull's performance, eight seconds, and surviving the bucking bull.

"It is a very dangerous sport, the bulls weigh 1,500 to 2,200 pounds and a mistake could be very painful and even lethal," said Taylor.

For now the bulls are calm, but once a rider gets on their backs, anything is game to throw them off.

Fifty bull riders will compete in the Bull Riding Classic. Winners can walk away with over $2,000.

The Bull Riding Classic will begin Friday night at the McElroy Auditorium and will finish up Saturday night.

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