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Gilbertville bus driver decorates bus with student art

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Kids are taught don't judge a book by its cover.

It's what's inside that counts.

Those lessons are now spreading to an eastern Iowa school bus.

If you step inside one Gilbertville bus, you'll see around 300 drawings taped to the ceiling. 

Driver Arnette Bush started a new tradition for her kids.

She buys them art supplies and coloring books, so they have something to do during their ride. 

The kids then get to decorate the bus. Their goal is to eventually have the entire ceiling covered.

Arnette also gives the kids treats on the holidays, suckers on Fridays, and helps them make Christmas gifts for their parents.

Arnette has been a driving buses since the 1970s. 

She turns 80 this June. 

She told me shes going to continue to drive until she can no longer pass the DOT test she's required to take every year. 

Arnette says when the kids are on her bus, they're like family.

They're her responsibility, and its her job to make sure they're happy and safe. 

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