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Decorah Eagles prepare to lay eggs, could happen in days

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For lovers of the world's most watched pair of eagles, it doesn't get any better than this time of year.

The Decorah Eagles have been busy making preparations for new eggs, which could be just days away.

"They've been really building on the nest pretty furiously. So the nest is probably at least another foot or so higher or more than it was last year," said John Howe, director of the Raptor Resource Project.

They also have been taking some time to celebrate February's holiday of love.

"They've been copulating, so the egg process is going on. And really, if things go like they have been, February 18th is when we had our first egg last year, so we should have an egg here in the next week or so we're thinking," Howe said.

Anyone who travels to Decorah might notice the landscape around the nest looks a little different.

Flooding took out a lot of the smaller trees around it, but Howe says the day to day life of the eagles remains unchanged.

"They've got a fish dinner here just about anytime they want to look for it at the hatchery, so they're pretty well fed here, shouldn't really affect them at all as far as that flooding remnant," said Howe.

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