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Branstad signs collective bargaining bill into law

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UPDATE: Governor Branstad signed the collective bargaining bill into law today. 

Read the official release here:


NEW INFORMATION:  Governor Branstad's office says they've received the collective bargaining bill approved by the House and Senate yesterday.

His office says they're thoroughly reviewing it. They say they don't know when he'll sign it.


UPDATE: The House and Senate have voted to pass the collective bargaining bill this afternoon. 


The GOP-controlled Senate has agreed to end debate on a collective bargaining bill that was the subject of an all-night debate led by Democrats.

Senate Majority Leader Bill Dix made a motion Thursday morning to end floor debate on the legislation at 2 p.m.

The Senate approved the motion on a party-line vote despite criticism from Democrats.

Lawmakers rarely use the motion to end floor debate. Expected votes Thursday on the bill will come a little over a week after it was introduced to the public.

The Iowa House has set a time to end debate on a bill that would drastically reduce how public sector employees bargain over working conditions.

House Majority Leader Chris Hagenow made a motion Thursday morning to end floor debate at noon, and it was approved by Republicans, who hold a majority.

It means that after debate that has stretched over three days, the House will vote on the bill Thursday after some procedural moves.

Democrats have introduced dozens of amendments in an attempt to delay a vote on the bill, which was made public a little over a week ago.

In the Senate, lawmakers continue discussing an identical version of the legislation. They've debated all night, and it's unclear when they will vote on the bill.

State senators were up all night. As of 7 a.m., they were still discussing amendments.

Watch the debate live right here.

The proposed changes to Iowa's collective bargaining law would affect how public sector unions negotiate and organize on behalf of roughly 180,000 people in the state.

Democrats have been filing amendments to the bill and senators spent the night voting on different amendments.

The House wrapped up debate at 10:10 p.m. last night.

The bill is expected to pass in both chambers once it is voted on.

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