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Mother of stabbing suspect speaks out on mental health

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An eastern Iowa woman says her son's mental health played a part in a violent attack back in October. Now, she's speaking out, saying there needs to be more help available for those with mental health issues.

Authorities said Adam Jacobsen, 28, stabbed Jeffrey Miller 24 times and Denice Bennett eight times in Cedar Falls. The attack happened October, 17 at University Studios apartments where Bennett was an assistant manager and Miller and Jacobsen were tenants. Jacobsen remains in jail for the attack and is awaiting trial for attempted murder.

He told police, God told him to "kill the demons." His mother says he was diagnosed with schizophrenia four years ago.

His mother Laura Sager says, "I don't see the monster that people saw the day he did the stabbing. He has a lot of love to give and he would do anything to be somebody different."

As his mother, she could see he had a mental illness from an early age, but as he got older, it got more serious as the voices in his head were getting louder. Just two weeks before the October attack, he admitted himself to the hospital but was released a few days later.

Sager says, "Adam wanted to be put into a facility. I feel that he was scared of himself and what could happen, but there was no facility that would take him in."

With nowhere to go, the 28-year-old went to the University Avenue Studios to live. Hours before the attack happened on October 17th, police were called to check on Adam for being suicidal. When they arrived, he said he was fine, so police left.

Sager says, "We need to act and something needs to happen. I feel like we are just waiting for the mentally ill to commit a crime."

After the attack, Sager visited her son at the police department.

She says, "He told me he had to do it to help the people. I had to tell him they weren't demons, they were real humans. Adam then dropped to his knees crying and was very remorseful."

It's not only something that has deeply affected the victims, but it also has affected Lager's entire family. She says, with the lack of help available for those with mental health issues, she fears for other families.

"I am very sorry for the victims and their families and that a case like Adam's had to come down to this. He will be placed and safe, other people will be safe for a while, but then again you got that next person coming up that could be capable of victimizing other people."

The trial for those attempted murder charges is expected to begin later next month.

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