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UPDATE: Police investigating death of abused dog

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Tipton Police are investigating the death of a young dog that was severely abused and left for dead near a dumpster.

 After suffering from starvation and harsh conditions the dog was left for dead near the Friends of the Animals shelter in Tipton.

"She was covered in her own feces, urine. . .Starving to death. She was in a lot of pain from the sores. Basically, all of her muscle mass was gone. . . For her to get in the shape she was in, she had to have been that way for a couple months," said Jill Syring, the director of the animal shelter.

After receiving a call Sunday morning, Tipton Police found the dog by a dumpster, just a short distance from the shelter's door.

"The officer said if he hadn't been told there was a dog there, he would have thought it was a pile of grass," said Syring.

When she was found, the dog couldn't even lift her own head. She was taken to the vet's office where they worked to revive her, giving her the name Hope.

"Figured it fit her; that was about all she had was hope left," said Syring.

Later that day, Hope was able to hold her head up, but "unfortunately, she didn't make it through the night," said Syring.

Hope's abuse remains an ongoing investigation for the Tipton Police Department. The Police Chief says someone confessed to the abuse during an interview with the police, but charges are pending.

"If you don't have time or patience for an animal, this one was young and young puppies are going to get into things, don't get one. If it is too much for you, find it a home; bring it here," said Syring.

Syring says the shelter sees one to two cases of abuse every year.


Police in Tipton say a dog is dead after allegedly being abused. 

On Sunday police were called to the 300 block of West 6th Street after a man reported a dog laying on the ground. 

The man told police he, "Wasn't sure if it was dead or alive."

When police arrived, they found a young, large mixed dog that was very thin, covered in feces, dehydrated and had open sores on her body. 

Tipton Veterinary Services took the dog to their facility and treated her. 

On Monday the dog died. 

Police say someone confessed to the crime during an interview but charges are pending.

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