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WITNESS: Gunman says 'all innocents get out'

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A man entered a Kwik Star gas station with a gun and demanded only for one person. 

This happened in the 700 block of Broadway Street.

Witnesses say the man entered the store with a gun, asking for a person named Vince, and told everyone else to get out. 

Waterloo Police say the only person injured in the standoff was the gunman, who was shot. But what happened there Sunday afternoon still has some people shaken.

Some people were watching from a distance, others were inside the gas station as the situation was unfolding. 

Waterloo City Councilman Jerome Amos, Jr. says he was inside the store when a gunman walked in.

"My hands were full and I was walking up to the register, and I am looking, and there was a guy behind the register and he said 'all innocents get out' and you know I didn't really understand him at first, then I looked and he had a gun, holding it up in the air saying, 'all innocents get out'," said Amos. 

Amos says he left the Kwik Star, but his son stuck around while the gunman started asking him questions.

"Are you Vincent? And my son said no, and he knew he had a gun at that time...and he said the guy had his hands in his pockets at that time," said Amos.

Amos says he didn't spend much time in the store, he says something was off with the gunman.

"Like I said, he was not acting normal," said Amos.

Amos told us he wasn't afraid.

"I wasn't scared, but you hear that thing of where your life kind of flashes before your eyes... because I didn't know what was going on and then going out the door I had to turn my back to the guy," said Amos. "He never pointed the gun at me, but you never know what's going to happen."

Family members of the gunman tell us the gunman's name is Joseph Manuele.

They also say he didn't want to hurt anyone, but did want to hurt himself.

Waterloo Police say the suspect is still in the hospital and he is expected to survive.

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