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Water park vandalized with racist graffiti

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Lost Island water park was vandalized with racist graffiti overnight Thursday night. The owners discovered the graffiti over the weekend. 

What's usually a summer hot-spot full of kids and high waters is now a number of empty pools with racially-motivated graffiti. 

The owners of the water park found racially-motivated spray-paint in different areas, including a swastika on the park's cafe window. Other graffiti found in the park, included "#blacklivesmatter," and "Hail Trump." The words "send nudes," were also spray-painted in the empty pools.

Lost Island waterpark manager Eric Bertch discovered the graffiti when he came into work early Friday morning. 

"Just a number of lewd sayings and drawings that we really can't put our finger on why someone would want to do this here," said Bertch.  

The intention of the vandals is a mystery to both ,police and the owners who say the messages of the graffiti don't seem to coincide. 

Bertch says none of the property in the park was damaged, but the spray paint is still a nuisance.

"You know we do have time to clean this up, but it's just the fact that this is a completely unnecessary, unprovoked in any way, attack on a business." said Bertch. "We are in the business of bringing fun and enjoyment to people and so to have sort of an offensive real attack on the park is real irritating to deal with."

Lost Island is currently closed for the season, and the park is closed off by a fence. 

Waterloo Police say they didn't find any spray-paint cans or personal items left behind, which makes it harder to pin down exactly who is responsible. Police are investigating.

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