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The right to carry a gun.

Some people in Iowa choose to get their permit to carry; in other words, a permit to legally carry a gun. Some people choose to carry a gun, religiously, every day, after getting the permit. Some people choose not to be around guns, at all.

This is not a story about an opinion; it's not meant to tell you what to think about firearms.

In this Special Report: Ally Get Your Gun, KWWL's Ally Crutcher takes the viewer through the process of getting a permit to carry in the state of Iowa.

What does the Iowa weapons law say? Who can get a permit? Do you have to go through specific training? Those are some of the questions that will be addressed in the story.

Iowa's Weapon Law, Chapter 724 of the Iowa Code: 

The age requirement for acquiring a permit to carry in Iowa is 21.

There are other requirements as well, including a person cannot be a felon, or have signs of being mentally ill.

More details can be found in in the document below.

The Issuance of Weapon Permits in Iowa, Chapter 91: 

Where are you not allowed to carry a gun?

There are some places in the state in which you can't carry a gun.

For example, shopping malls and businesses are private property, and therefore, they can set their own rules and restrictions. If a mall does not allow guns inside, and someone with a permit to carry brings a gun inside, violation of those rules would be considered trespassing.

Guns are not allowed on school property, nor on federal property, like the post office.

As for public parks, some cities will ban weapons from their parks and put their own restrictions on weapons for city-owned property.

What other states might accept, or recognize, an Iowa permit to carry?

An Iowa permit to carry will be recognized in some other states as well. The term "reciprocity" refers to this idea. If a permit-holder were to be traveling, and needed to know where his or her Iowa permit is recognized, the NRA Reciprocity Map can be referenced here.

What is constitutional carry?

Constitutional carry is a law in which people in the corresponding state would not need a permit to legally carry a gun. Instead, under this law, the right to carry a gun is considered a constitutional right; hence, no permit required.

A joint resolution this legislative session is proposing an amendment to the state constitution that would take away mandatory licensing for carrying weapons, stating the right is "fundamental and shall not be infringed upon or denied."

Read the full proposal below:


What is "stand your ground?"

The phrase "stand your ground" refers to the justifiable use of force and providing a remedy. A bill has been introduced this legislative session addressing stand your ground in Iowa, and when reasonable force, including deadly force, is justified.

Read the full bill below:

Online Courses for Permit to Carry

There are a number of ways to go about getting a certificate of training to apply for a permit to carry. Online courses are offered as a way to receive training, which is what Ally did to get her permit.

After the online training course and received certificate, one then applies for the permit through his or her county sheriff's office.

Here are several online courses offered:

Iowa Concealed

My Carry Permit

Concealed Carry Online

Cedar Valley Firearms Training

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