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Waterloo firefighters deliver baby in ambulance

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UPDATE: A Waterloo baby boy is born safe and sound, thanks to the help of two first responders.

Around 1:30 p.m. Saturday, paramedics and firefighters were called to a home on Williams Drive in Waterloo for a woman in labor.

Moments after they arrived, she was put in the ambulance, but the baby couldn't wait.

So, Chad Petersen and Jim Mayer decided to put all their training to work and helped deliver the baby before before they got to Covenant Hospital

It's a night they say, they'll never forget.

"Oh yeah, I'll remember it. The mother was a trooper, and she did such a good job. It was incredible. I really did nothing, but I was there to assist as all," Chad Petersen said.

"I would say it was a really surreal experience. It's something you've heard other stories about, but until you actually experience it. It's totally different from having your own child," Jim Mayer said.

Petersen said he's worked for the Waterloo Fire Department for nearly 20 years, and this marks the first time he's ever delivered a baby.


According to Waterloo Fire Battalion Chief Mike Moore, firefighters delivered a healthy baby boy in an ambulance on Saturday.

Chief Moore says firefighters and other first responders were called to a home on Williams Drive at some point Saturday (late morning or early afternoon) for a woman giving labor.

Chief Moore says while taking the pregnant woman to the hospital, the baby couldn't wait.

So, firefighters delivered the baby in an ambulance while taking them to the hospital.

At last check, the baby and mother are at Covenant Hospital, and both mom and newborn son are doing well.

According to firefighters Chad Peterson and Jim Mayer, the sound of the crying delivery was the best sound in the world, and they're both happy the baby and and mom are doing all right.

Peterson says he's never delivered a baby before, and he calls this experience unique.

The estimated time of birth was 1:42 p.m. on Saturday.

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