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Waterloo City Council approves repairs to 4th Street Canopy Bridge

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UPDATE:  City Council voted 5-1 in favor of keeping and repairing the canopy bridge, which is expected to cost $1.5 million.  Councilman Tom Lind was the lone no vote.  Councilman Steve Schmitt was absent from the meeting.  The city engineer says he hopes to start repairs sometime this spring.

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Against the night sky, the iconic 4th Street Canopy Bridge glows orange and has been since 1976.

An image many who live in Waterloo say needs to be preserved.

Monday, Waterloo City Council will decide if the city should fund repairs to the canopy over the 4th Street Bridge.

Last year, city council approved a complete makeover of the 4th Street Bridge, but when the only bid came in at $2.5 million, a million over the city's budget, city council put the project on hold.

With the future of the bridge in front of city council again, supporters of the canopy are speaking out in large numbers.

Main Street Waterloo Director Tavis Hall started an online petition and #SaveTheCanopy.

"For us to turn our backs on it, just doesn't seem to make any sense and I think most folks would agree," said Hall.

With extensive damage from the elements, whether you are in favor of keeping the canopy or getting rid of it, most can agree something must be done.

"It has seen better days, but that doesn't mean we get rid of it. It means that we invest the time that we should have been investing over the last 40 years; the energy, the dollars. We can make this a great structure once again and keep the icon. I think we can even enhance on what it has been in the past," said Hall.

The options are to spend $1.5 million to make some repairs to the canopy or spend $850,000 to remove the canopy.

City engineers have recommended the repair to the council.

The city already has a grant from the Black Hawk County Gaming Association and bonds to cover that cost.

With hundreds of signatures in the first 48 hours, many in the Waterloo area are agreeing.

Waterloo City Council will vote on the $1.5 million option at Monday's meeting.

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