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Eastern Iowa cities rank near last in being "bible-minded"

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Cities in Eastern Iowa are one of the least likely to read a bible or believe what it says, according to a study by the American Bible Society and BARNA, ranking them 97th out of 100.

The rankings were calculated by analyzing survey responses about bible reading habits and beliefs.The study goes through the top 100 media markets; Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Dubuque, and Iowa City areas fall under the same market.

The results are baffling to churchgoers at the First Lutheran Church in Cedar Rapids.

"You wonder if there's an anomaly in the people they interviewed or something because what we see here are very educated people and people that love the bible and love God," Pastor Craig Brown said.

Brown said he's seen a national trend of this, that it's not just in Cedar Rapids, that less people are reading the Bible and attending church.

"Well statistic isn't a feather in our cap but I also don't think it's indicative of who we are as a people of faith and we're here to show that we do believe in god, we do read the bible, and we are keeping the faith."

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