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NBC NHL Analyst McGuire visits Black Hawks and Cedar Valley

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McGuire had lunch with head coach PK O'Handley and the Black Hawks---speaking with the players about his experiences as an NHL coach, scout and broadcaster.

And later McGuire watched the team practice at Young Arena.

McGuire says leagues like the USHL and organizations like the Waterloo Black Hawks give young people more than just an opportunity to play professional hockey.

McGuire said, "PK O'Handley is a gentleman and a man of honor--when he approached me with this I couldn't wait to get here. I think it is really important to give back to young players. A lot of these young men have made significant commitments to improve their lives--better their careers but also better their community--so this is nothing I can't wait to get here I'm really excited."

P.K. O'Handley said, "

We always talked about him getting here if he could and the schedule presented itself and I said hey would you come? It kind of snowballed and turned into this....it's terrific for our program --I think it is terrific for the Cedar Valley to have someone of that celebrity status. We hope plugs our community and hockey team on his broadcasts whenever he can.

McGuire was an assistant coach for Pittsburgh Penguins winning two Stanley Cup Titles.

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