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Iowa City food trucks to begin testing late night hours

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A 90-day pilot program will allow food trucks in Iowa City to test out serving late night hours from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m on Friday and Saturday evenings.

"We wanted to see if there's a need or market for trucks after 9 pm," Kyle Sieck, owner of Local Burrito Catering, said.

A current ordinance that was adopted in 2015 only allows them to operate until 9 p.m. away from restricted areas such as downtown, residential areas, and 150 feet of any restaurant.

The program kicks of March 31st at the Robert A Lee Recreation Center parking lot at 10 p.m.. There all the partaking trucks will be present. The next day, they'll set up show on North Clinton Street near the East side dorms. For May, they'll be once again at the rec center, before moving in June to a location on Dubuque Street under the Biology Building walkway.

"Food trucks need foot traffic and can't just set up on a busy street corner with no sidewalk believe me I've tried that and you end up just wasting a lot of food," Sieck said.

While some businesses say there's plenty of late night options already, making things harder.

"It being a little bit a ways little bit away helps but it's more businesses we have to compete with and there's already seemingly too many of those downtown already," Brandon DeMuynck, Assistant-Manager of Mesa, said.

Sieck said they're not there to only capitalize on downtown crowds but hope to be able to cater to undeserved areas such as, near the dorms.

"We're not going to be setting up directly in front of any restaurant. We feel like we can hopefully bring people down and enrich the downtown environment during those times."

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