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SPECIAL REPORT: Leighton Strong

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7-year-old Leighton Pullin's family is calling him a miracle.

Back in October, Leighton didn't look both ways when trying to get to a friend's house across the street off of W. 11th Street in Waterloo. A pickup truck hit Leighton, leaving him with severe head injuries, a fractured skull, and broken bones. He was airlifted to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in critical condition.

Spending weeks in a coma, doctors prepared his family for the worst. With no other choice, the family was about to take him off life support, but this little fighter wasn't giving up.

His grandma Kathy Harrington says, "We had a decision one day and the next day he coughed, so we didn't have to make that decision. It's just a miracle."

More than 3 months after the accident, Leighton was finally healthy enough to go home in January. 

Leighton telling us, "I am so excited to go home."

Harrington says, "I told people to please pray for my grandson, and they prayed hard."

He has put in a lot of hard work at Covenant Hospital's Rehab Center, showing his strength goes far beyond that of his favorite superheroes. His family says his recovery has been stunning doctors. By November, he was communicating with his hand, sitting up in a wheelchair. Two months later, he learned to speak again and was even standing up with some help.

His mother Melisa Pullin says, "He is a strong little boy, he is Leighton Strong."

He is now his own superhero, name included. Leighton says, "Call me Leighton Smash."

This superhero keeps on defying the odds. The 7-year-old is now back at school for half days and doing something many thought would never happen again, walk with a walker. He's proving just how mighty it is to be "Leighton Strong". 

Leighton says, "If I can walk on my own, I would go on a trampoline and jump, jump, jump...because I am so happy."

He has a long road ahead but this little boy is determined to someday walk on his own. He is currently staying with his grandma. 

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