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Not your average snowman in Sumner

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Winter can be brutal but one Iowa couple looks forward to it every year. William and Teresa Ruth of Sumner create massive snow sculptures.

This year, they created "Norbert" the dragon. It took weeks to collect enough snow and hours to shape it, but the couple says it was all worth it.

William says, "It's a lot of chipping away and cutting at the existing snow until you form it down into the shape you want."

Teresa says, "We scoop up the snow, pack it on and start smoothing it out."

The couple says it takes months to plan and they keep it a secret. Teresa says, "We like to surprise people."

For the past four years, the Ruth's have been creating different snow animals, like a polar bear, Snoopy, and a tiger.

William says, "Working with the snow helps keep our minds off how cold it actually is."

A picture of their tiger from last year even went viral. William says, "It was shared all the way in England and Thailand."

Teresa says, "We had a lot more snow last year than this year, we didn't even know if we would get it done this year."

But after weeks of gathering's here!

As for hints on next year's creation, William is not budging.

William says, "Next year's creation will be......made out of snow."

See the dragon off of Union Street in Sumner. 

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