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Meteor lights up the Midwest sky

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A flaming meteor was spotted early Monday across the Midwest, giving a rare close-up look of the phenomenon. The National Weather Service says, this the meteor was caught on video.

Storm Track 7 Meteorologist Eileen Loan saw the flash on her way to work in Waterloo.

She says, "I saw the sky light up pretty quick, like a lightning flash only faster and the skies were clear, so I knew it wasn't lightning."

Meteor showers are common but dashcam video from an Illinois police station is giving us a rare close-up look at a very bright one.

Loan says, "I've heard reports from Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, even Canada. It was very bright."

To break it down, KWWL stopped by the Grout Museum where Science Educator Jordan Walker used an oxidizer to represent the atmosphere and a gummy bear as the meteor.

Walker says, "We heat the powder and as soon as that gummy bear hits the "atmosphere", you'll see it heat up and give off energy like an actual meteor does. It starts to burn from the outside in, getting smaller and smaller until it burns out or hits the ground, whatever comes first."

Walker describes the meteor in simpler terms, explaining the phenomenon in the sky. 

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