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Message Monday: Iowa DOT says cars, people can be recalled by maker

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Both cars and people can be recalled by their maker. That's the message appearing on signs across Iowa today.

The Iowa DOT has a campaign called "Message Monday." It's part of the effort to have zero deaths on Iowa roads.

As of Monday morning, the DOT says 21 people have died on Iowa roadways this year.

Here's more on today's message from the DOT:

Manufacturers issue recalls for products that have defects or don’t function as they were intended to. Auto makers are installing more safety equipment than ever in vehicles, but the driver’s decision-making process is still the most vulnerable to error.

It seems like every week we hear about recalls for this or that. After a while, it seems some people are blocking out the recall notices or not taking them seriously enough. The same goes for safety messages for drivers. Be honest, do your ears perk up when you hear a warning against drinking and driving or an encouragement to wear a seat belt?

Safety messages can have an impact, but only if they can break through the noise of messages that we’re bombarded with every day. We all have choices to make on what information we listen to, watch, or scroll past. Make your choices wisely.

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