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Mireles family one of many helped by Dance Marathon

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The Mireles families oldest son, Sebastian, has been battling Hodgkin's lymphoma since 2015.

"Almost like a flu bug that kind of hit the whole house. It started with him went through the rest of the kids mom and dad and then went back to him again," his mother, Isabel, said.

But Sebastian never got better. His mother never thought it would amount to something so serious. X-rays told a different story, showing a tumor on his lungs and other parts of his body.

"At first so much was going throughout my head. I wasn't sure what my future was going to be like," Sebastian said.

While his first round of chemotherapy went well, he's since relapsed, bringing a much harder second round of treatment.

Students from the Dance Marathon organization have been helping the Mireles since the beginning, both financially and emotionally.

When Sebastian had a stem-cell transplant, Isabel took all his younger siblings out of school and brought them to the University of Iowa Children's Hospital where he was being treated.

"Hospital is not a friendly environment for kids who are not bedridden or who are not a patient," Isabel said.

Dance Marathon provided activities for both the boys and the family while they stayed their the whole week, such as going to the museum and the movies.

"Just kind of spend some time with them instead of them being at home and us dealing with Sebastian at the hospital. We were all in it together," she said.

This year, Sebastian is healthy enough to make the big event and walk across the stage but you probably won't find him anywhere near the dancing.

"No, no, I'm not a good dancer," he said.

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