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Remembering Lyric & Elizabeth: Murals shed light on unsolved case

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Two artists are using their artwork to try and get new leads for the unsolved murders of Evansdale cousins Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins. 

Lyric and Elizabeth went missing back in July 2012. Months later, the bodies of murdered Evansdale cousins Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins were found at the Seven Bridges Wildlife Park in Bremer County. The discoveries came five months after the girls were first reported missing near Meyers Lake in Evansdale.

Despite countless leads, no arrests have been made yet in the girls' murders.

Their deaths have left a permanent scar on the Eastern Iowa community. 

Four years later, and the families of both Lyric and Elizabeth are still looking for answers.Their cold case inspired artists Jeff Sonksen and Christopher Leet to create murals of the girls, using what they know best-art- to bring awareness to their case. 

"You know I think about it everyday," said Leet. 

With every stroke of a brush, they are reminded. 

"This could maybe bring the straw that breaks its back, and somebody comes clean-you never know," said Sonksen. 

The unsolved murder of cousins Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins have been lingering on the minds of both Sonksen and Leet. 

"And it's heartbreaking, we just need this solved," said Leet. "We need it. We need an end. We need closure, for the community, for Drew, for everyone."

Elizabeth's father, Drew Collins remains hopeful. 

"Someday it's gonna get solved," said Elizabeth's father Drew Collins. 

Collins' two friends, Sonksen and Leet wanted to shine light on their cold case. Two friends, two artists, painted a tribute to two angels, with wings-that serve as a reminder-Lyric and Elizabeth are forever soaring in the hearts of many. 

The murals will soon go up in Angels park. Sonksen and Leet want the murals to face the Interstate, so that every time someone passed by, they are reminded. 

"You'll be able to see the girls every single day, it's just keeping it in people's minds-that's our goal," said Leet. 

For Collins, who is reminded every single day, continues to hold on tight for answers. 

"I'm just amazed at what it looks like, how it looks like," said Collins. "They were doing Lyrics first and just how much it looked like her. It kind of brings them back to life a little bit. It just means a lot that the community still cares," said Collins.   

There is substantial reward money being offered for anyone with information that leads to an arrest. 

Please share what you know with the Evansdale police department or Cedar Valley Crime Stoppers. 

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