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Family seeks answers after bullies write 'loser' on fourth-grader's face

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A Council Bluffs family says their fourth-grade girl got off the school bus in tears on Tuesday with the word 'loser' scrawled across her forehead.

The family of 10-year-old Raeann Davney says Titan Hill Intermediate School and the Lewis Central Community Schools district isn't doing enough in response.

"She immediately sprinted to the car, crying, screaming for me," dad Zachary Davney said.

Davney was picking Raeann up from her bus stop Tuesday afternoon near Twin City and Renner drives when he says he noticed his daughter had black marker all over her face, including the word 'loser'.

"She's far from a loser," Davney said.

Raeann says the two girls who held her down on the bus are classmates around the same age. 

"They asked if they could [write on my face] and I said no, and then they just grabbed me and held me down and colored on my face," Raeann said.

She says they continued to mark her face despite her screaming for them to stop.

"The bus monitor, he sat there and watched them do it but still didn't do anything," Raeann said.

Her family wants to know why nobody stepped in.

"I just want something done, and it's not fair that this school district ain't doing nothing, transportation ain't doing nothing, the parents ain't doing nothing," Davney said.

Davney says the family met with Titan Hill's principal, Kent Stopak, on Wednesday. Stopak called the incident "very unfortunate," and issued the following statement Thursday:

"I was informed of an incident that took place during the bus ride home on January 31. I met with the student and the family the morning of February 1 at which time they shared their information regarding the incident. I conducted an investigation into the incident and have taken steps to discipline those involved. I will continue to work with our student body to ensure that everyone is treated with dignity and respect."

Stopak says he doesn't believe the bus driver was aware the incident was happening.

Davney told KETV NewsWatch 7 that he later discovered the two girls involved were suspended from the school bus for one day. They did not miss any school, Raeann said.

"I'm pissed, I'm mad," Davney said.

Raeann's family says one of the little girls involved has targeted their kids before.

"She was already addressed for using the N-word toward my kids, and this is the same little girl doing it again," Davney said, believing the bullying stems from racism.

The family has filed a police report with the Council Bluffs Police Department, and Davney says he's considering filing a lawsuit.

In the mean time, Raeann has some words of advice for any kids who believe they're being bullied: "Make sure that you let your adults know."

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