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President Trump announces his pick for Supreme Court vacancy

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President Donald Trump says he will tell us who he has picked for the Supreme Court today.

He's trying to change the debate from his travel ban and the related protests at airports across the country. 

The new Supreme Court Justice could tip the scales on the bench for big issues like abortion and immigration. 

President Donald Trump has two names at the top of his Supreme Court list: Neil Gorsuch and Thomas Hardiman.

Mr. Trump says he will announce his pick tonight.

Democrats say they will look at the nominee's positions and fight if needed. 

The President is making his selection as he fires the Acting Attorney General Sally Yates.

Yates sent a letter to the Justice Department saying she's not convinced the Executive Order instituting a limited travel ban is legal. 

Hours after sending the letter, President Trump fired her, elevating another lawyer who he says will uphold the ban.

The travel ban may be one of the big cases the Supreme Court could decide, the new justice could swing the court to the right. 

House and Senate Democrats kept that in mind as they protested the president's travel ban on the steps of the Supreme Court. 

President Donald Trump's pick for Attorney General, Jess Sessions, will have a committee vote this morning. If it passes, his nomination moves to the full senate. 

CLICK HERE: To watch Trump's announcement live on Facebook tonight @ 7:00. 

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