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"It gives us hope" -Local small business owners react to Trump's new order

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President Trump's executive orders continue to roll and one signed today could have a big impact on small businesses here in eastern Iowa.

Under the new order, two government regulations would have to be cut for every new regulation proposed. Trump says new regulations are likely redundant, adding today's order would "be the biggest such act our country has ever seen."

Jay Hansen of Hansen's Farm Fresh Dairy products says it's a good thing.

Hansen says, "It gives us hope. He's in there to get something done and he's showing he's interested in getting something done. It's that first step to get the ball rolling and we will just have to wait and see where it rolls."

Including the farm, the Hansen's have three stores and that brings many costly regulations. 

For example he says, "We bring our retired cows over to a place for processing  and a federal regulation requires a sample to be sent for analysis, that costs us $50 which changes the price of meat by 10 cents all by itself."

"We just want to do our thing the best we possibly can, but the codes and regulations that govern us...really don't do us any good," he says. 

Hansen adds this order is a good start but it can't stop at the federal level for small businesses to be successful. He hopes this will influence change for state and county regulations as well.

For more: http://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/trump-signs-executive-order-reduce-regulations-n714151

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