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Paralyzed dog enjoying second chance at life in Dubuque

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When you walk into the PetSmart store in Dubuque, you may notice a bit of an unusual sight: a dog in a special wheelchair.

That dog is named Butterfly, and she was rescued by Jane Wickler last year.

Butterfly was originally part of a puppy mill.

Wickler says she traveled 1,900 miles in 23 hours to get her from Tennessee and give her a new home.

Now, she's making the most of it.

She's paralyzed from what Wickler believes was a strong kick to her back end when she was sitting down.  She has some crushed vertebrae, and her stomach is dislodged.

But thanks to a special wheelchair, she can get around just fine.

"I tell people it's kinda like a Flinstones car--you just pedal yourself around," she said.

And that wheelchair giving Butterfly a brand new lease on life.

"There is so much personality now. She was like a 12 year old dog. She was just tired and blah. Oh, now she is a sassy girl," Wickler said.

"The personality is about 50 pounds even she is just 36."

You'll find her at the store about three or four days a week, greeting customers and taking all the treats she can handle.

She's become a fan favorite for many in Dubuque.

"(People) Absolutely love her. Some will shop just when she's here just to see her. It's been absolutely phenomenal. She brings more to this place than some perfectly able bodied dog does."

Learn more about Butterfly and follow her adventures here:

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