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FedEx driver: You can't just walk away

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The FedEx driver who tried stopping the flag-burning protest says he is overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from people near and far.

Army Veteran and now FedEx driver, Matt Uhrin, invited KWWL into his home to talk about the action on everybody's mind, the day he rescued American flags from burning in protest.

"You see the flames, you see them on the ground, and it's just you can't just walk away from it," said Uhrin, Cedar Rapids.

While wearing his FedEx uniform while working, Uhrin tried to stop protesters from burning American flags.

"I just kind of walked into the situation, and I saw everything as I was walking in and it was like, you see it and you know what they are gonna do, and I just couldn't get away from it and it just wasn't right and I just couldn't let it happen," said Uhrin.

The American flag might be just a piece of cloth to some people, but it's much more to Uhrin.

"I saw them dumping the fuel on and it was a lot of fuel, I am really surprised no body caught themselves on fire," said Uhrin.

After saving the first flag, Uhrin walked away, but went back.

"I had kind of turned and I saw they had another one and it was round two," said Uhrin.

Uhrin says the flag represents all of us, and he questions the protesters' motives.

"It's your own country, why would you disrespect it?" questions Uhrin.

Many people are calling him a hero.

"I'm not, I don't like being called a hero," said Uhrin.

He says it was all about timing, adding "right place, right time, right person I guess."

Uhrin said if he had it do all over again, he wouldn't hesitate.

"I would definitely protect the flag again yes, if I had to go back I would definitely do it again," said Uhrin.

KWWL asked Uhrin what he would say to the protesters, and he said he has nothing to say to them, that actions speak louder than words.

KWWL also reached out to one of the protesters who says he would burn the flag all over again because it started a conversation even though he was cited for open burning.

Uhrin says since the protest people have tried making fake Twitter accounts in his name to accept donations.

As a reminder Uhrin says he does not have a Twitter account, so if you see one, report it.

At last check, those accounts were taken down.

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