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KWWL Political Analyst: President Trump moving fast

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It's President Donald Trump's first week as commander in chief. His executive orders are starting a lot of conversation around the United States.

President Trump is not wasting time, according to KWWL's Political Analyst Dr. Chris Larimer.

"Since July of 2015, this has been his style, it's been somewhat aggressive and abrasive to some who are not Trump supporters," said Larimer. "He didn't change it throughout the campaign style, and he didn't change it in week one of his presidency."

Trump canceled a meeting with Mexico's president regarding the wall, which Mexico says they will not pay for.

"How does President Trump get to the point of building the wall? Because the conversation throughout the campaign was building the wall, and Mexico was going to pay for it, those two parts were always together, and it's clear that the second part is not going to happen," said Dr. Larimer.

President Trump making quick decisions his first week.

"His style and his discussion throughout the campaign was as though he alone could change those things and he could change them immediately, if not within the first week, within the first 100 days and there's absolutely no way that's possible," said Dr. Larimer.

Dr. Larimer says President Trump set the bar high and is moving fast.

"The political system is not meant to work that quickly and it's not designed to work just off the words of a single individual," said Dr. Larimer.

Dr. Larimer says communication is lacking.

"You're getting the case where people are not communicating to each other and don't seem to want to work with each other," said Dr. Larimer. "That's a dangerous road to be going down."

Doctor Larimer says President Trump has been acting on what supporters were most vocal about throughout his campaign.

Dr. Larimer says he's anxious to see what happens in the next 100 days.

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