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Tripoli students help truck driver in flipped semi

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One eastern Iowa boy and his friend break a windshield with a bowling ball, all to save a life.

Will Hambly and Allison Cappiello got the person out after their semi-truck rolled onto its side. On top of that, Tripoli High School Students took action the next day, helping clean up the mess. 

On Wednesday, a handful of students decided to help clean up after their teacher brought it up.

Slick road conditions caused the semi to roll into a ditch. The driver was stuck in his vehicle, but with the help of another person driving by, he was able to get out, all because she had a bowling ball in her car to smash the window.

"It was nice to do something that day that wasn't just for me," said Kyle Gilbert, Tripoli Senior.

Nine Tripoli High School students returned to the scene, helping remove heavy parts from inside the trailer.

The semi was too heavy for a tow truck to move so the students helped lighten the load. 

"It would have been crazy seeing a 30-thousand pound truck driving on a completely ice highway in front of you or behind you and it would just be a crazy experience to be the driver," said Seth Damm, Tripoli Senior.

"That was pretty scary actually when we pulled up and I realized how heavy it would have been, not fun, it didn't look like a good situation," said Jennifer Stumme, Tripoli Senior.

The students putting the crash in perspective, but were happy to help. 

"You know if I was in the same situation I would want someone else to help," said Dalton Tonne, Tripoli Senior. "Put everything else to the side and go out and help."

The students say it was their history teacher who asked them to help with the haul.

They say the job took 20 minutes and after, the tow truck was able to flip the truck upright.

Del's Towing Company was grateful for student's help. Saying, the job went much quicker with more hands.

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