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Flag burning protester says he would do it again

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We are hearing from a man who says he burnt the American flag in protest. 

The protest happened Thursday in Iowa City and was caught on camera by our coverage partners at the Iowa City Press Citizen and reporter Stephen Gruber Miller. 

Protesters burned the American flag while being confronted by several people walking by. 

FedEx worker and veteran Matt Uhrin tried to stop the protest with a fire extinguisher. 

We asked protester Paul Osgerby why he felt it was necessary to burn an American flag. 

 "I think it's important to recognize that we were not trying to insight violence with our actions, um a lot of people want to look at the flag one dimensionally they want to look at it as a symbol of freedom and liberty that our military fights for. But a lot of people don't want to accept the baggage that comes with the flag and that is centuries of genocide against Native Americans, centuries of racial slavery against African Americans," Osgerby told us. 

He says burning the flag started a conversation. 
"A lot of people that were driving on the street here a lot of people walking by had to witness and listen to our message," Osgerby says. 

We asked him if he would burn the American flag again, "Yes, definitely," he told us. 

Osgerby is facing a simple misdemeanor for open burning without a permit.

FedEx worker Matt Uhrin tells us he is humbled by the words of support he has received for trying to stop the flag burning. 

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