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Roadside rescue, Good Samaritans do CPR in traffic

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Good Samaritans coming to the rescue of a Dubuque man having an apparent heart attack behind the wheel. 

The heroic incident all caught on camera.

Police say this happened Thursday morning on  a packed Highway 20 in Dubuque.

You can see from traffic camera footage, a dark colored Trailblazer in the right lane, but it slowly comes to a stop.

The driver behind him, Jeremy Shireman felt this was odd.

He pulled up in front the car to see what's the problem. "As I was coming around, I noticed he seemed to be in some sort of distress.  His head was back, he didn't seem responsive at all," he said.

So he, along with another driver went into rescue mode. However, the car doors were locked. They couldn't get to him, so they broke the window. "Ended up breaking the window, and getting him out of his vehicle, and carried him over to the median," said Shireman.

Once removing him, the Trailblazer rolled into Shireman's car.

However, these men were focused on saving his life, understandably so, Shireman, a former paramedic.

Then they do CPR. You can see the them in  the video doing chest compressions over and over again.

Then about three minuets later, Dubuque first responders show up with an AED to revive the man.

He then regains a pulse.

"I don't think it was anything heroic or anything, I'm just glad I was there. I do believe God puts us where we need to be," Shireman said.

Shireman says the irony is, he wasn't even supposed to be there at the time. He was running late. 

He, along with the Dubuque police say it's important for people to slow down, and watch out for each other. 

The man who had the apparent heart attack is being treated at an area hospital tonight. 

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