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Pregnant Waterloo mom joining pipeline protest this weekend

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It's a battle that's gained national attention.

Many don't want the pipeline to be built.

They say it would destroy sacred lands and drinking water.

But a decision made by President Trump this week has some protesters wondering -- what's next?

This week President Trump signed an executive order, pushing to continue construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Now, some people who spent months in North Dakota last year, protesting against the pipeline, must figure out what to do following President Trump's decision.

"I know there's been kind of a debate of whether or not people should go back up there or not," Trisha Etringer said. 

Etringer is 7 months pregnant. She says this is an issue she cares deeply about, and she will be joining her family in protest this weekend.

"I'll probably cool it down after this visit until the baby is born, and then that way I can make sure she's alright," Etringer said.

Etringer says she wasn't surprised by President Trump's decision.

"Not at all. We also knew Trump was all for the pipeline," she said. 

KWWL asked what she hopes to get out of protesting again this weekend.

"I don't think we'll necessarily win the president's heart over. The power really is in the people, so that's what we're going to do. We're going to give power to  the people to stand up for themselves," Etringer said.  

Etringer says people who protested last year don't have to go back up to North Dakota to speak out. She says they can get the word out in their hometowns and speak with their area lawmakers. 

About 6-hundred pipeline protesters have been arrested in North Dakota since last year.

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