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UPDATE: Flag burning protester says he'll 'burn flags again'

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Stephen GruberMiller Stephen GruberMiller

A group of protesters set fire to American flags yesterday. 

The protest happened along the pedestrian mall in Iowa City. The sight of the burning flags set off heated arguments between protesters and other people passing by in the mall. 

The video above comes from our partners at the Iowa Press Citizen and reporter Stephen GruberMiller. 

The man in the FedEx uniform, walking off screen, is taking a flag away from the protesters with other flags already burned.

Gus Grifford was on his way to class when he saw what was happening, stepping in defense of the FedEx employee.

"That's not freedom, that's treason man! That's **** burning the flag! The opportunity, the clothes you have on your back was provided by that flag. It's *** up right now. I don't agree with Trump, no! But this **** is not how you unite a country!" Gifford to the protestors.

The man in the FedEx uniform then comes back into the scene, carrying a fire extinguisher and a flag he took. He sprays the extinguisher at another flag the protesters are trying not to light, struggling with a man to pull the flag away. 

Some of the shouting continues, and the protesters gather back as they try to light another flag. 

Two people, Kelli Ebensberger and Paul Osgerby, have been cited by the Iowa City Police for Open Burning.

Gifford telling us he stands by what he said in the video, "this isn't how we fix our divisiveness as a country. Burning the flag is never a resolution. The flag resembles more than President Trump."

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