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A closer look at cervical cancer after Erin Andrews battles it

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A Cedar Rapids doctor says there are things women can do to try and prevent getting cervical cancer. 

At just 38-years-old sports reporter Erin Andrews revealed she battled cervical cancer during the NFL season. 

Andrews was diagnosed last year and had surgery multiple times to remove the cancer. 

"It takes two things to get cervical cancer it takes HPV and it takes something to reduce your immune systems response to it, so usually smoking," says Dr. Rexroth from Cedar Rapids OB-Gyn Specialists. 

He says it's crucial women get their annual exam as well as the HPV vaccine. 

"Three out of four people out on the street have HPV so it's very very common to have HPV, Dr. Rexroth told us. 

It's more rare to have a type of HPV that will actually escalate into cervical cancer. 

"If you have a high risk HPV in order to get cervical cancer you would probably have to move to a desert island, not have any annual exams, not have Pap smears and start smoking," Dr. Rexroth says. 

Still, every year in the United States more than 11,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer. 

It's recommended women under 26-years-old get the HPV vaccine which works to prevent the types of HPV that most commonly lead to cervical cancer. 

The vaccine is recommended for boys and girls ages 11-12. 

HPV can lead to other problems for men. 

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