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Victims' family speaks out after father of four murdered

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A victim's family speaks out after their loved one was murdered Sunday morning. 

A man was shot and killed in the 700 Block of Logan Avenue in Waterloo.

Police tape blocked off homes in a spot that's seen gunfire before, as recently as New Year's Day. 

Monday, family members tell KWWL, Denelius Nesby was the man killed in the shooting, he was 55-years-old.

Family members say Nesby was most likely gambling at the hookah bar on Logan until early Sunday morning. It was when he was walking to his car that he was shot and killed.

His family says although he has been in and out of prison, he didn't deserve to die. 

The last text Nesby sent to his daughter read, "love you," she responded, "I love you too."

This was the last time Tyanna Nesby heard from her father, before he was murdered.

"We need that closure, it's not right, you're guilty if you saw something and you're not saying anything, you are just as guilty," said Nesby, 19.

Tyanna's step mother and Nesby's ex-wife added, "whoever did this has no clue who they took away, they took him away from his daughters, " said Amanda Nesby, Waterloo.

The family is looking for answers. Nesby left behind friends, family and four daughters.

"When I told him he was going to be a grandfather he just smiled and he was so excited," said Tyanna.

His daughters are shocked by his murder and are not sure why their father would be a target.

"I know who my dad was, but he was my dad, I don't know him as anything other than that, so what he did when he wasn't being a dad to us I don't know," said Tyanna.

Nesby was also known by his many nicknames, "DeeDee, Frank, House and Dad," said Amanda.

Dad, was his biggest role.

"Hopefully as time goes on we can continue to live our lives and do everything that we know he would want to be a part of and just remember him as we go on," said Tyanna. "That's what it has to be unfortunately."

Denelius Nesby's Family tells KWWL someone tried to break in to Nesby's home two hours after he was killed. The family is wondering if there is a connection.

Waterloo Police say they haven't arrested anyone in Nesby's murder. They say they are interviewing witnesses and follow the leads they have.

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