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Ice fisherman risks lives on thin ice

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A father and son are relieved this week after falling through ice.    

The accident happened at George Wyth State Park when they were riding their ATV on the ice, getting ready to fish.

Moments later the ice gave way.

Despite the warmer weather the last few days people are braving the ice, possibly risking their lives to go ice fishing.

Imagine, falling through ice into murky green water. Ice fisherman, Michael Carswell says he's aware of the risk.

"Life's too short to worry about every little thing," said Carswell, Ames.

But he says he is a little worried when he steps on the ice.

"When you hear the ice crack it's bit of thunder sometimes you kind of cringe and stand up real quick and maybe find a new place to fish," said Carswell

Knowing it's possible he could go crashing through the ice, weighed down by all his gear.

"Obviously you're sitting around the holes that you punched in the ice and you could get a crack to go in between the holes and you could potentially fall through," said Carswell.

Taking the risk he grabbed his sled full of gear keeping an eye on the weight and walked onto a lake at George Wyth.

"Depending on how much ice you've got that's how much weight you can trust on the ice," said Carswell. "If you are working with five inches of ice you're not going to bring an ATV out, you're going to be a man with a sled or a man with a bucket." 

And if he does fall through, "the main objective would be staying above the water, once you get underneath that ice it's hard to find a hole again, once you get underneath the ice and you don't know where your hole is anymore then you are battling for your life," said Carswell.

Carswell says it's important to remember gear is replaceable. If someone falls through the goal is to stay calm and try to get out safely.

Carswell tells kWWL he's never fallen through the ice but he knows several people who have.

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