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Sophie the Giraffe: Is mold a reason to worry?

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From the outside, Sophie the Giraffe is a popular teething toy, but on the inside, some parents are finding a breeding ground for mold. 

The toy is meant for babies to chew on, but there's a small hole on it, making it easy for water to get in.

Parents around the nation are taking to social media, expressing concern and frustration, but some aren't worried.

Like millions of children, Kelsey Slee loves Sophie the Giraffe, but it's not exactly her mom's favorite toy for her to play with right now.

Meagan Slee says, "It's kind of concerning, but at the same time, babies put stuff that's been on the floor for days into their mouths too." She says it's something she'll look out for, but not panic over.

"They are quite expensive and no it did not cross my mind to chuck it or cut into it," she says.

The company behind the toy says you should never put the toy completely under water, use a damp cloth to clean it so water does not get in.

But how dangerous is mold in your child's toy? Though the majority of people are not allergic to mold, a lot of people do react and children are no exception to this rule.

However, parents should not fear because for most kids, any problem would likely be minor, said Dr. Ellen Dutta, associate physician in the allergy and clinical immunology unit at Mass General Hospital and an instructor in medicine at Harvard Medical School.

"So mold can be a problem as an irritant or an allergen in the air and the types of problems we see can usually be respiratory -- so nasal symptoms, sneezing, congestion, nasal drip, cough and asthmatic type of symptoms," said Dutta.

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