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Dubuque St. construction hard on U of I students

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University of Iowa students living in Mayflower Dorm returned from holiday break to closed sidewalks on Dubuque Street, cutting off their normal walking access to campus.

"It's a day to day process but we kind of have to just put up with it. It can be frustrating," Mayflower resident and U of I student, Sam Landsteiner said. 

Dubuque Street serves at the main entrance into Iowa City from I-80 and is currently undergoing a $40 million renovation to raise the road to prevent future flooding. Because of it's low nature and nearby Iowa River the street is prone to flooding.

The Iowa City Gateway Project plans to raise the road ten feet, putting it one foot over the 100 year flood level.

Making way for new sewers, the city had to shut down sidewalks, rerouting students on their walk to campus. A walk that many say is too far.

"There are some kids that can leave class leave their dorm five minutes before class but we have to leave half an hour sometimes 45 minutes earlier because of the construction," says Karly Lent, a Mayflower resident.

Instead, many choose to relay on the Campus buses. If missed, the student finds themselves in a difficult situation.

"With Mayflower I feel likes kids just won't go to class because they're kind of like I'm going to be late if I walk, I'm going to be late if I get the next bus are not going to class so I think they'll just go back to their dorm room," says Lent.

So more and more find themselves standing in the cold earlier.

"Especially if we can't walk now we kind of just have to miss your class and email your professor and hope for good luck," says Landsteiner.

A view of the route can be seen below. The city says they plan to have sidewalks reopened next week.


UPDATE: KWWL reported that the sidewalks were planned to reopen next week, according to a previous release. A spokesperson from the city notified us that the use of the detour will actually go on longer than expected, through February and possibly March. They said they will keep everyone informed with future updates.

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