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Icy conditions bad for man and beast alike in Dubuque

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At least a dozen people had to make a trip to the emergency room at UnityPoint Health-Finley Hospital in Dubuque Monday dealing with injuries related to falls on ice.

And while ice coated sidewalks and streets proved dangerous for humans, those same conditions could be a deadly matter for the many horses in the area.

"When it's so icy, you have to worry about them slipping and falling and breaking a leg just like people. It can happen so quick," said Steve Kunde, who co-owns Kunde Performance Horses with his wife Joan.

But unlike people, a broken leg for a horse is a much bigger deal.

"Probably the end of them. You'd have to put them down.  They're so much heavier than people. You can't control them, you can't tell them to sit down, take a week off or something like that, you just can't," he said.

And losing a horse could mean losing thousands of dollars for Kunde.

That's something he's keenly aware of on days like this.

"Very scary, very scary because there are so many of them out there, and any one of them could slip and fall. And we've already had them fall this morning. They're moving from one area to another and kinda felt like they wanted to run around for a little bit, but they just slipped and fell.  That slows them down pretty fast."

Luckily, he said, despite the falls, no horses were injured today.

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