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Chilling video sheds light on dangers of drunk driving

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A Hiawatha police patrol car was hit while the officer was making a traffic stop and the entire incident was caught on video. 

The camera that captured the point of impact was mounted on the rear bumper of the police car. 

Seemingly out of nowhere a car can be seen slamming into the back of the police vehicle. 

Police say the driver of the car was drunk, this incident happened in November. 

The officer was outside of the car at the time it was hit. 

"It was real scary to get the phone call and then to actually watch the video. We were very fortunate in that incident that the officer and the other motorist that was stopped, neither one were injured," says Dennis Marks, Hiawatha Police Chief. 

The crash was one of more than 2,000 that happened in Iowa last year because a driver was believed to be under the influence of drugs, medication or alcohol according to a DOT report. 

An additional 59 people were killed.

"I've seen crashes where drunk drivers have taken out families and you know it's just it's a horrible thing. The cost of a beer just isn't what the beer cost, it's the cost of what it does to families and lives and society," says Trooper Bob Conrad with the Iowa State Patrol. 

Trooper Conrad urges people to not get behind the wheel after drinking. 

"A lot of times we just kind of oh it'll be okay it's fine, well it's not always fine from your numbers you are talking about 60 of them were not fine last year," he says. 

Chief Marks says this was the second time the Hiawatha Police Department has had a patrol car totaled by an intoxicated driver and it was the fourth time they have had a car get hit in the last few years. 

The driver in this case was charged with an OWI and was not seriously injured. 

Watch the video below: 



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