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Iowa principal shaves head to support student

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Photo courtesy of Paula Pollock. Photo courtesy of Paula Pollock.
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For 11-year-old Jackson Johnston finding out his grandfather had cancer was upsetting to say the least. 

"I've grown up with him all my life like he's like probably the best grandpa ever," Jackson told us. 

The 6th grader decided to shave his head in support of his grandfather but the new look wasn't well received at school. 
 "Right off the bat I had two mean comments, like well you look like you have cancer and like other stuff like hi bald boy," Jackson says. 

The cruel words sent him home from school upset on Monday. 

"He came home and he just looked defeated and I just knew there was something," says Amber Johnston, Jackson's mother. 

It's something that prompted Amber to call Pekin Principal Tim Hadley.
"I had a couple options at that point bringing in the individuals who had questions but I thought deeper I said you know this is an opportunity to teach more than just what our handbook says and policy this is an opportunity to teach life," Hadley told us. 

He decided to let Jackson shave his head in front of his peers, the students cheered him on. 
"Since then I've talked to his mom several times and she has now said, this is one of the best days he's ever had," Hadley says. 

Jackson tells us he is feeling the support, "It's really nice to know more people than just one person cares about him."

Jackson plans to continue to shave his head until his grandfather is in remission. 

Hadley says the idea was to support Jackson and his grandfather, as well as show students they should stand up for what they believe in just like Jackson did. 

You can watch the video below: 

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