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Digging Deeper: Deadly Home Invasion in Sumner


New details unfold in a deadly home invasion in eastern Iowa over the weekend.

The invasion happened in Sumner, in Bremer County,

Initially, we learned one person was dead and one was injured. Monday, the Bremer County Sheriff released Steven Anthony, 46, of Davenport was the intruder and suspect in the case, he was killed.

People in Sumner are full of questions. Police scanner traffic details what happened Friday night after a home invasion and shooting at this Sumner home.

"Attention Sumner ambulance you're needed at 1359 Whitetail Avenue, this will be for a male subject advising he's been shot several times," said the Bremer County Dispatch.

This is where Steven Anthony was killed.

"They are advising that the intruder is dead and that the back entrance is clear," said dispatch.

And one person was injured, "the victim is the resident at 1359 Whitetail,the victim again has several wounds, is bleeding from the head and from the arm," said dispatch. 

Public records show John and Megan Eimers own the property of 1359 Whitetail Avenue.

"What's the connection between the homeowner and the other party? I don't know that there really is any connection between the two of them, there's other things down the road that will tie reasoning, but again I can't really comment on that," said Dan Pickett, Bremer County Sheriff.

Sheriff Pickett is not releasing the name of the injured person, saying he knows people in Sumner are talking and posting on Facebook what they think they know.

"I know it's of value sometimes, but I think maybe they do know more than what we think they do, but sometimes it's not all accurate either," said Sheriff Picket.

Sheriff Pickett will not say if John or Megan Eimers was home during the invasion. For now, all the sheriff will only talk about is Anthony.

"He was the suspect and he was the person that came into the residence and obviously he was the one that was shot and killed," said Sheriff Pickett. 

He understands the town's frustration, knowing they want answers.

"Obviously any small community it's kind of stunning when you have something like this, it's a shock to people you know you don't always have this happen, obviously it did and hopeful we don't ever have to have this happen again," said Sheriff Pickett.

The DCI is heading this investigation. KWWL has called and left multiple messages for the investigator and have not heard anything back.    

For now the DCI and the sheriff are not releasing the injured person's name.

The sheriff says there are countless hours of investigating ahead for both his office and the DCI.

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