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If it's cold for you, it's cold for them

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It's common sense to many people, but it's an honest mistake for a few pet owners.

It's important to remind pet owners this chilly weather can be too much for their furry friends.

Pets young and old react to the cold just like people, but Logan Animal Hospital Veterinarian Dr. John Thomas reminds pet owners, chilly weather can affect animals more as they get older.

"They may have some underlying conditions or health issues you may be unaware of that can make it a lot harder for them to control their metabolism to stay warm," Dr. Thomas said.

Experts at the Cedar Bend Humane Society say if you or your neighbors have cats, to tap the hood of your car a couple times every morning before starting it.

Because cats like to crawl up next to the engine block to keep warm.

"A good rule of thumb, if it's below freezing, they should all be in somewhere warm," Dr. Thomas said.

Experts say a dog or cat house that's not too big or small, making sure water bowls aren't frozen, and sometimes using straw instead of pet beds or blankets that can get wet or freeze, can help your pet avoid frostbite and stay alive in these chilly temperatures.

"Just watch what they're doing with their feet. If they're not wanting to keep their feet on the ground for very long they can get frostbite, even though they're not as susceptible to it as we are. They can get it. That doesn't really show up until a few days after the exposure," Dr. Thomas said.

People at the Cedar Bend Humane Society said they see a lot more animals coming into the shelter this time of year, because when pets get out, people are more likely to pick them up to get them out of the cold.

If you see any pets wandering around in the cold, the Cedar Bend Humane Society Intake Center is open seven days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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