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Iowa teacher's weighted blankets help students with special needs

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Using everyday household items, a Cedar Falls teacher made something unique to help her kids focus in school. 

Southdale Elementary special needs teacher Christiana Junge is making weighted blankets.

They're designed to let students relax and focus in the classroom.     

Junge says the pressure from the blankets helps students with sensory processing issues or kids who have a hard time sitting in their seats. 

One second grader says although his blanket is heavy, he loves it and it helps him get his work done. 

"It feels like when you cozy up on your favorite chair at home and you pull a big comforter on top of you. You just kind of relax and feel more comfortable. That's what the weighted blankets do," Junge says. 

These can be expensive. That's why Junge decided to make the weighted blankets herself.

She uses everyday items, like rice, fabric, duct tape and zip lock bags to make them. 

Junge says other people can contact  Southdale Elementary if they'd like to help her make more. Their custom-made for the students. Each blankets is 10 percent of a student's body weight plus one or two pounds. 

They can be made for a student's lap, shoulders, or even chest depending on what his or her needs are. 

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